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The WorldSBK spirit can be felt in many ways. Choosing motorcycling as a lifestyle means experiencing strong, wild, satisfying emotions. The SBK clothing and accessories collection is based on capturing that passion and illusion in each garment. Support your favorite riders by wearing the oficial WorldSBK Collection!

In the Superbike World Championship all these emotions are made by the riders while they compete to be the best in the category. Incredible true? The way they convey their passion for speed, for adrenaline, for competition.

A true motorcycle lover is one who is always looking for a moment to follow the races, to follow the new motorcycle trends. To follow WorldSBK. With the evolution of the WorldSBK logo, it seeks to express the constant transformation of the bikes, yes, without losing their aggressiveness and power.

Hence, one of the things that makes the Superbike World Championship so popular is the proximity they have with the riders and teams in the competition. Access to the paddock, pit-lane, or even the starting grid, are possible in WSBK. The ability for fans to meet their favorite drivers and talk to them is one of the most exciting experiences.

WorldSBK is a family. It is the spirit of motorcycling and now you can support its riders with the WorldSBK Collection. Choose from a wide variety of products, models and colors and take the official WorldSBK merchandising with you. You will get high-quality equipment that adapts to your style and helps you experience each race as if it were your first.

T-shirts, sweatshirts, accessories... Nothing resists the SBK collection! Bet on her now and give it your all on the circuit.