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EXCLUSIVE! The KRT Winter Test pack arrives for the first time in the WorldSBK Store! A limited collection of 100 packs of t-shirts and sweatshirts: be the fastest to gear up for a pre-season full of new features.

Kawasaki Racing Team has pleasantly surprised us with a redesign of its classic Winter Test colors. The addition of the color yellow brings a more aggressive and racing style to the already elegant black and white design. The kanji 冬, meaning 'winter' in Japanese, is still incorporated within the snowflake, forming the iconic Winter Test logo.

Don't miss out on the chance to wear the team's pre-season colors with this exclusive limited edition pack featuring the KRT sweatshirt and t-shirt—only 100 units available! As an additional bonus, purchasing this pack will entitle you to receive an EXCLUSIVE CALENDAR Winter Test Edition for the 2024 season.

Run and don't miss out on the most exclusive garments this winter.
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