Where to watch live WorldSBK races?

Where to watch live WorldSBK races?

If you are wondering how to watch the SBK races on TV, we present you with a very useful list of channels where you can enjoy Superbike's show. Here you can consult by country and by broadcast language. In this way, you will also know how to follow WorldSBK if you are in another country or continent.

WorldSBK is one of the championships with the most media coverage in the motor world. Currently, WorldSBK is broadcast on more than 200 different channels from various networks that allow the championship to be seen in 149 different countries.

WorldSBK TV coverage includes live broadcasts of all on-track sessions, as well as on-demand content and delayed highlights. In total, WorldSBK adds more than 16,000 total hours of TV coverage adding all the channels.

Where to watch live WorldSBK


Where to watch WorldSBK in English: UK, Ireland, USA, Australia, Canada and New Zealand

In the United Kingdom and Ireland, WorldSBK can be seen on the ITV channel and also on Eurosport.

NBC Sports has coverage of WorldSBK throughout the United States.

In Australia there are two channels available to watch WorldSBK: FOX Sports and SBS public television.

In New Zealand, Sky Sports is the channel that broadcasts WorldSBK.

The channel specialized in motorsport REV TV Canada has the rights to broadcast WorldSBK in this country.


    Where to watch WorldSBK in Spanish: Spain, Mexico and Latin America

    Spain offers three options to follow WorldSBK: DAZN, Eurosport and the Teledeporte channel of public television RTVE.

    In Mexico it is possible to watch WorldSBK through FOX Sports Mexico.

    For the rest of Latin America, the American channel ESPN is in charge of offering WorldSBK in Spanish on its different channels: Central America and the Dominican Republic, Argentina, Chile, Colombia and South (Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay).


    Where to watch WorldSBK in Italy

    In Italy, the TV8 channel offers WorldSBK live, as well as its mother platform Sky TV.


    Where to watch WorldSBK in French: France, Belgium and Switzerland

    WorldSBK coverage in France is carried out through Eurosport, a global European channel but based in France and in French for local broadcasts.

    In Belgium, RTBF Auvio offers the French broadcast of WorldSBK for the Walloon region of the country.

    For the French-speaking part of Switzerland, Eurosport is also available.


    Where to watch WorldSBK in the Netherlands

    In the Netherlands, Ziggo Sports is the reference channel for WorldSBK fans, broadcasting full summaries of the races.


    Where to watch WorldSBK in German: Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg

    Servus TV is the channel that broadcasts WorldSBK in Germany and Austria, as well as is available in Switzerland for German-speakers in the country.

    In Luxembourg, the local channel RTL broadcasts WorldSBK in German.


    Where to watch WorldSBK in Portuguese: Portugal and Brazil

    In Portugal, Sport TV is the right channel to watch WorldSBK live.

    On the other side of the Atlantic, the Brazilian broadcaster Bandsports TV offers WorldSBK along with much more motorsport offer.


    Where to watch WorldSBK in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Slovenia

    In the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the Nova Sport network offers WorldSBK on its two channels Nova Sport 1 and Nova Sport 2.

    Arena 4 sports channel broadcasts WorldSBK in Hungary.

    In Slovenia, the channels PopTV and Kanal A offer WorldSBK, the former also available within the Vovo platform.


    Where to watch WorldSBK in Europe

    The Eurosport platform, with its two channels Eurosport 1 and Eurosport 2, broadcasts WorldSBK live and on demand. Its channels are available in 54 countries and around twenty languages, mostly in Europe.

    Where to watch live WorldSBK

    Where to watch WorldSBK in Türkiye

    The public broadcaster TRT broadcasts WorldSBK in Turkey, through the TRT spor 2 channel. It can also be seen through the S Sport + platform.


    Where to watch WorldSBK in Japan

    In the land of the rising sun, the J Sports satellite channel broadcasts WorldSBK along with much more motorsports on offer.


    Where to watch WorldSBK in China

    In China, Zibho.tv is the digital platform that broadcasts WorldSBK.


    Where to watch WorldSBK in Asia

    The South Korea-based sports channel SpoTV broadcasts WorldSBK and is also available in Southeast Asian countries (Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines), as well as Macao and Hong Kong.

    In Indonesia, WorldSBK is also available through the Trans 7 channel.

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