Jerez SBK: destination guide

Jerez SBK: destination guide

Jerez SBK 2023 will be decisive: the title will be decided in the Spanish Round. Álvaro Bautista is playing at home and has everything in his sights to seal the crown in Race 1. However, in racing anything can happen and Toprak Razgatlıoğlu will fight until the end. Also, it will the final races of both Jonathan Rea in Kawasaki and Toprak in Yamaha; the end of an era.

If we add to this the tourist attractions of Jerez de la Frontera and the entire region and a first-class circuit, we have an unmissable event to attend. This is your best destination guide for Jerez SBK.

jerez worldsbk destination guide

Jerez SBK and the Spanish Round

Jerez was the first Spanish circuit to host WorldSBK. It was in 1990, and that year's Spanish Round opened the season's calendar. On that occasion, the Frenchman Raymond Roche would start the path that would lead him to the world title with a double victory; the first for the Ducati SBK team.

This first visit remained almost an anecdote, since WorldSBK did not return to Jerez lands until twenty-three years later. During the period between both dates, the Spanish Round was held at circuits such as Jarama, Albacete or Cheste (Ricardo Tormo).

jerez worldsbk detination guide

The return of the Spanish Round to Jerez took place in 2013. On that occasion, the Spanish event closed the calendar and was decisive for the title: Tom Sykes was proclaimed champion with two podiums, a historic event since it was the second crown for a driver of the Kawasaki Racing Team. It was the beginning of a green decade. WorldSBK continued to go to Jerez the following years until now, failing only in 2018 and 2022.

Jerez SBK: a second home for riders

The southernmost track in Europe is very familiar to Superbike riders. Álvaro Bautista, Jonathan Rea, Toprak Razgatlıoğlu and company have not only starred in races in Jerez, but have done numerous laps: this track is almost a 'must' on the pre-season calendar.

jerez worldsbk detination guide


The combination of mild climate along with a route with all types of curves and good asphalt make Jerez a good place for private training. Pilots like its design and there are various overtaking points, which contributes to its enormous popularity.

The finish line is not particularly long, but both the first and second corners are overtaking points turning right: the grandstand located here is a good place to watch the races. After that, the drivers join two very fast curves to the left to reach the long right before the back straight. This section is important, since this braking is one of the best points to overtake.

Finally, the drivers face the second part of the circuit, which includes the busy 'Nieto-Peluqui' section and the penultimate and penultimate corners, very technical and fast, as well as vital to reach the final angle that leads to the finish line. There are so many races that have been decided in this last angle, and some with controversy included, that making a list would be almost impossible. But for the fan the important thing is to know that they can see it from the main goal stand.

jerez worldsbk detination guide

What to do during Jerez SBK?

For the fan, Jerez is one of the world epicenters of motorcycling, but the town also surprises the inexperienced visitor with many attractions, both cultural and gastronomic.

And it is an important city in the south of Spain as it is the place of production of Sherry wine (an adaptation of the Arabic name of the city Sherish). Therefore, we will find numerous wineries and a typical architecture of wine-growing commercial cities. Many of these wineries can be visited, with tours and wine tasting included: Tío Pepe, Fundador, Tradición, Lustau…

jerez worldsbk destination guide

But you can also enjoy the city's wines at street level: it is advisable to go to the numerous 'tabancos' that are throughout the city. These are old stalls selling bulk wine that currently function as taverns for wine and tapas; They are part of Jerez's heritage.

Jerez has a charming historic center, with numerous places to visit. There are countless small squares, such as the Plaza de los Plateros with its Atalaya Tower, which make it very pleasant to walk around. If we go to the Plaza del Arenal, one of the hearts of the city, we can visit the Alcázar and the mosque, works that narrate the Arab past of Jerez. Not far away we can also find the cathedral and the Church of San Miguel, the latter in baroque style.

Aside from wine and racing, the city is also known for flamenco and horse riding. Jerez is one of the national epicenters of flamenco, with numerous artists born in the town and places where you can enjoy their shows. And the same thing happens with its horses: it has one of the most famous schools in the world in the discipline, the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art. It is possible to reserve tickets to see the equestrian show if desired, where the horses perform dances and exercises.

jerez worldsbk destination guide

Visiting Sevilla and Cadiz during Jerez SBK

Jerez is located only 40 kilometers from this city, and just 90 km from Seville, the capital of Andalusia. Therefore, it is easy to visit both cities, which have numerous charms.

If you arrive by plane to Jerez SBK, Seville airport is the most practical destination. The capital of Andalusia is well worth a stay before or after Jerez SBK. From the famous Giralda, passing through the Alcázar of Seville, the Torre del Oro or the María Luisa Park, the attractions of Seville are so many that it would require a separate guide. The best thing is to walk through the center and explore all its corners. It is also highly recommended to cross the Isabel II Bridge to reach the picturesque neighborhood of Triana, on the banks of the Guadalquivir River.

jerez worldsbk destination guide

Cádiz is a city defined by its location. It sits on a peninsula, whose narrow base is the entrance to the ancient city. It was founded by the Phoenicians in the natural bay it forms and is popularly known as The Little Silver Cup as it is 'inside' the sea, where it is reflected by the light of the sea.

Cádiz is a unique city, with a genuine atmosphere and a narrow distribution that means that the architectural styles of different civilizations have overlapped. We can find a Roman theater, walls, fortified gates, castles, a cathedral that brings together various styles... all of this spread across its numerous squares. And surrounding the old town on three sides, the promenade, which overlooks both the bay of Cádiz and the Atlantic. An ideal place to enjoy the sunsets.

jerez worldsbk destination guide

Visiting the province of Cádiz during Jerez SBK

Jerez is located in the province of Cádiz and there’s a lot to visit around Jerez. El Puerto de Santa Maria or Chiclana de la Frontera are two emblematic towns in the area where you can find entertainment and gastronomy in the area.

Heading south, looking for the end of the Iberian Peninsula, we head towards Tarifa. Famous among surfers and kitesurf lovers, Tarifa offers long beaches and wind to practice this sport.

In fact, to get to Tarifa, we can route along the entire coast from Conil de la Frontera. Beaches of great beauty extend in towns such as Caños de Meca, Barbate, Zahara de los Atunes (which means 'Zahara of the Tuna' due to the great tradition of fishing for this species), Playa de Bolonia... without a doubt, a place to enjoy nature and the Atlantic.

jerez worldsbk destination guide

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